Long Wind Farm is nestled into the Upper Valley, a region that encompasses both Vermont and New Hampshire. Looking over the tops of our greenhouses, you can see the bridge linking the two states over the Connecticut River. Sitting level with the river, our farm is protected in all directions by mountainous terrain.
Each fall, we begin seeding the next season's crop. Once these seedlings reach a certain maturity, they will be grown to form a superior plant that produces a truly delicious organic tomato.
In early January, we move our plants from nursery pots to the soil. All hands are on deck performing many tasks from digging holes, planting, and watering.
Rich Soil
We grow in nutrient-rich soil that is full of life and produces delicious tomatoes.
Our plants grow all year, and we are continuously tending the vines to ensure the healthiest plants and the most delicious tomatoes.
Each morning, we pick our ripest tomatoes to pack and deliver to a store near you.
After harvesting, our tomatoes are inspected and packed by hand, ensuring high quality with a personal touch.
Farm Stand
Anyone can pick up a box of tomatoes from our farm stand, open daily 7am-7pm.
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