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Our Tomatoes

Our certified organic tomatoes are grown in Vermont soil and taste like a tomato should (but seldom does). You can find them at many stores throughout the Northeast, including most Coops (Hanover, Lebanon, WRJ, Upper Valley, City Market, River Valley, SoRo, Brattleboro, Putney, Concord, and Monadnock), Whole Foods, Wegmans, Shaws, Stop & Shop, Hannafords, Crosbys, Rosemont, and Donelans, as well as many small local stores.  If your store doesn't carry our tomatoes yet, please email us and speak with your store's produce manager about offering Long Wind tomatoes.

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Little Guys


Our Little Guys are incredibly delicious.  Each pint is a many-colored and multi-shaped blend of joyous smaller tomatoes.  Every pint of Little Guys is assembled from a mix of varieties. We are always looking for the ones that taste the best. The Little Guys are perfect fresh from the pint, in salads, baked, or stir-fried. Don't limit yourself! Be creative. Get wild. Think Little.

Real Tomatoes


Our Big Guys are sweet and juicy, reminiscent of a warm summer afternoon in your grandma's garden. It can be hard to find a real tomato these days, and ours taste like tomatoes should! 


Our tomatoes taste so good because we select our varieties based on flavor rather than appearance. Then we grow them with tender love in rich soil (rather than the hydroponic way in a bag of coconut coir). The result is the best tomato you can buy. 

Vermatoes and Good & Ugly


Vermatoes are a smaller tomato, still just as sweet and flavorful -- perfect for smaller meals.


Our Good & Ugly tomatoes are just how they sound: delicious and meaty tomatoes that are less than perfect looking on the outside, but really good on the inside.

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