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Tai Chi at Long Wind Farm

We offer tai chi classes on the farm four days per week. 


Tai chi Chuan is a martial art, an energizing exercise, and a calming meditation. it can be done by people of all ages. It is rooted in the concepts of balance and transformation as expressed in the familiar yin/yang symbol. Tai chi reduces stress and enhances mental and physical strength and well being.





Every autumn, we start a new set of beginner classes, which continue throughout the year. New 2016 classes start on Thursday, October 1st with our free introductory workshop at the farm. All are welcome to attend to see the school and meet the instructors.


There are new beginner classes at Dartmouth College (open to the general public) each Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. To join these classes, contact the FLIP program at 603-646-3903.


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